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Environmental Occupational Safety Compliance & Risk Assessment

RVSL Aachen UG was founded in 1994. The company’s headquarters are in Cologne, Germany. The principal subsidiary is located in Portugal and acts for Southern Europe.

Our STAFF of Directors are experienced professionals who have worked in the industry within renowned German corporations. Therefore, we can apply the practical and theoretical experience we have gained in the Industry and the Consulting branch in various countries.

RVSL Aachen has developed projects in Germany, the USA, Spain, Malta, England, France, Ecuador, Mexico.

Since 1994, the company has specialised in:

Environmental Occupational Safety Compliance & Risk Assessment

Project Risk assessment

Crisis management and resilience assessment

RVSL Aachen, Your partner in:

Environmental Occupational Safety Compliance & Risk Assessment for subsidiaries, suppliers, due diligence and subcontractors.


Why us:


– More than 25 years in the area of Safety and Health, Environmental Protection, Fire Protection and ISO management systems as a consulting company.


– Our founders worked for more than 15 years in chemical and pharmaceutical companies of international renown.


– Our Directors have lived in several countries of America and Europe.


– We have developed projects in North America, South America and Europe


– We know well the regulations of each country in which we operate, and in some of them, we have participated in elaborating EHS regulations.


The communication with your company is always through our STAFF Management in Germany to the client corporation’s directors.


What is our Compliance assessment process at a glance?

1.- Audit to the subsidiary to identify the actual situation and the areas of concern and opportunity.

2.- Evaluation of the audit results and determination of priorities.

3.- Preparation of a solution plan and a mandatory obligations monitoring plan.

4.- Preparation of a communication plan for solution priorities, responsibilities, progress reports, the corporation’s philosophy in the matter, and goals and objectives to be achieved.

5.- Guide and tutoring of the solution plan

6.- Plan for evaluation of progress and compliance evidence.

7.- Preparing a quarterly report based on the data that our staff feeds according to the follow-up visits.

8.- Annual report of results in EHS.


You can choose the program as we recommend or one or more specific points. You can also choose to consult us for a particular aspect. Each company has a specific need, so we are convinced that we must develop a customised program for each client.


Some highlights of our projects:


1.- Seven Wind parks in the USA  formed for several wind power generators each one.


2.- Three Wind parks in Mexico formed for several wind power generators, each one.


3.- Full Compliance program for eight subsidiaries of a French flat glass and constructions products manufacturer.


4.- Full compliance program for three subsidiaries of an industrial and automotive hose manufacturer.


5.- Compliance audit and solutions program for a holding company with 3 Banana farms, 2 Schrimpf Farm and 1 Mango Farm in Ecuador.


6.- Compliance audit for three food manufacturing plants in Mexico.


7.- Full CompliancePlan for three plants of a cosmetics manufacturer Corporation in Mexico and the USA.


8.- Full compliance plan for three sites of a USA Pharmaceutical company.


9.- Compliance audit and solutions program for 14 sites of a USA Oil and Gas company in the Gulf of Mexico region.


10.- Compliance solutions Plan and a Communications Plan for Managers and Directors for two Italian Corporation subsidiaries in Germany.

We are ready to answer your questions. Ask for a Quotation.

We are ready to answer your questions. Ask for a Quotation.

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Compliance and Risk assessment

Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) -Business Continuity- refers to the maintenance of business functions or their quick resumption in the event of a major disruption, caused by fire, pandemic, flood, earthquake, financial crisis or other causes.

The plan should allow the organization to continue operating at least during a crisis. The plan helps the organization maintain resilience by responding quickly to any disruptions. A good and comprehensive risk analysis is essential for the continuity plan to be efficient and save the company money, time and reputation, in addition to avoiding on one occasion more than the temporary or total exit from the market when there is a prolonged interruption or a precipitate of financial, personal and reputation losses.

EHS Compliance and Risk Assessment

Compliance Services

More than 25 years in the areas of safety and health, environmental protection, fire protection, legal compliance, and ISO management systems.
We develop projects in North America, South America, and Europe
We are familiar with the regulations of each country in which we operate and in some of them, we participate in the drafting of the regulations.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

“….a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm….”

is the cornerstone of any planning, whether in the short term as well as the medium or long term. The Appropriate analysis will allow visualizing both the risks and the dangers to which it is exposed. The risk analysis should be carried out for new projects not only for Safety and process technique issues but also to know its viability. In operations already in process to know its updating, resilience, and sustainability.
Based on the above, project or an existing operation can not be developed that is appropriate, logical, understandable, and can be activated easily, feasible and quickly. The Risk assessment must include the total activities of the company and can be divided for its implementation in sites, divisions, operations, process and departments.

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