Business Consulting, Compliance and Conflict Resolution

RVSL Aachen is the administrative and management centre of the services of:


Genealogy and NobilityIAGS,
Genealogy, Family Research. Palaeography. Search for Heirs. Research and Dossiers for Orders of Nobility. Research and dossiers for Nationality by Sephardic Origin. Certification of ancestry. Genealogical, Noble and Historical Consulting.





Coaching and MentoringReynoso & Marquez Coaching and Mentoring Center,

Life, Executive, Business Coaching. Mentoring. Psychogenealogy.

Behaviour, Genetics, Nutrition, Training and Feline Psychology




Why us:


More than 25 years as a consulting company.

Our founders worked for more than 15 years in chemical and pharmaceutical Corporations of international renown.

Our Staff of Directors has worked for more than 11 years in the Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Genealogy, Nobility and Paloagraphy fields.

Our Directors have lived in several countries of America and Europe.

We have developed projects in North America, South America and Europe.

We know well the regulations of each country in which we operate.

Our company’s communication is always through our STAFF in Germany to the client of the corporation’s directors.

Office in Cologne

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