Business Consulting, Compliance and Conflict Resolution

Business Consulting, Compliance and Conflict Resolution

RVSL Aachen UG founded in 1994 and currently headquartered in Cologne, Germany with representation in Portugal

Our work philosophy indicates that each project is led and one of our partners participates directly. With this, we apply the practical and theoretical experience of the people who worked as employees of recognized international companies, as well as in this consultancy in several countries, both as delegated managers and as leaders of consulting projects also internationally. We develop jobs and maintain clients in Germany, Spain, Malta, England, France, Mexico.

Since 1994, the company has specialized in:

Business Consulting,

Risk assessment,

Corporate and legal compliance strategy,

Crisis management,

Occupational health and safety Compliance,

Process Risk and Safety  Assessment

Conformity Assessment

Business continuity,

Strategy and development.

We are ready to answer your questions. Ask for a Quotation.

We are ready to answer your questions. Ask for a Quotation.

Service divisions

Strategic business prevention

Technical and / or legal compliance audit.
Sustainability plan
Crisis plan

Business Consulting

Risk analysis
Resilience analysis
Business continuity plan
Strategic consulting
Growth strategies

Design, Process Safety and Environmental Protection

Analysis and determination of process risks.
Analysis and determination of environmental risks in processes.
Process Safety Plan
Environmental Protection Plan

Genealogy Paleography and Family Search

Family Research Services, Translation-Paleography of old documents, Heir Search, Psycho-genealogy, Genealogy Consultation, Professional Digitalization of Photographs, and Documents.
IAGS is part of RVSL Aachen UG, a family-owned company currently lead by D.I.Erik Andrés Reynoso y Márquez, Diploma in Genealogy, Heraldry and Laudatory Law, and Dr. Guillermo Reynoso y Palomar, Chemist and Psychotherapist and currently leading the psycho-genealogy department; Lords of the Manor of Tejada.  
In IAGS our goal is to deliver a quality and professional service. In line with our quality policy, we do not sub-hire other companies, thus providing a service where quality is maintained through the whole process.

Life, Executive, STRESS Management, and Stress-related issues Coaching.

Need to compare your business ideas with a professional without compromise? Do you need your project to be analyzed and evaluated between you and a professional? Do you need to reassess your career, your social environment, your family environment, and your goals in life? by a person with experience and training? Are you feeling distressed? Are you feeling pressured? Or do you feel sad, trouble sleeping, anguish, despair, fear, phobias, loneliness, irritability, mood swings, feeling exhausted, stress? We are willing to listen to you and it can be done individually, as a couple, and as a family.