Strategic consulting

These skills are related to the company’s strategic plans to achieve good operating results and make it a more productive business.

Strategic consulting is to provide an external perspective on the specialized business challenges of customers. Our strategic consultancy is based on our wide and varied knowledge of the sector, in order to objectively assess high-level commercial problems. We holistically examine the specific problems that companies face and develop plans and strategies to solve them. Our approach is always based on risk.

Management Consulting,

The definition of Management Consulting, according to the MCA (The Management Consultancies Association) in the United Kingdom, is as follows: “… creating value for organizations by applying knowledge, techniques and resources to improve business performance . This is achieved by providing objective consultancy and implementing business solutions ”

Growth strategies – success can be planned!

Opening up new areas of growth is an essential lever for many companies to optimize business success. Especially in the context of digital transformation, innovative business models and growth strategies are increasingly becoming the focus of systematic corporate development.

Executive Coaching

Entrepreneurs and senior managers are “always” under pressure, need to master a high degree of complexity and are “lonely”: you (usually) are only at the top!

In addition, as functional responsibility increases, you will find that just hard work is no longer enough, that a political dimension is being added at the highest level, which, among other things, begs the question: how much authenticity is possible , so much politics is needed; The theme “Executive Presence” is also gaining importance, which includes seriousness, format, charisma and attention.

The need for such support always includes (at least) the three themes “business”, “team” and “yourself” and requires a holistic, eye-level approach to a senior executive coach.

By promoting self-reflection and perception, executive coaching serves to improve the self-directed performance and behavior of the coachee and is based on coaching that does not spare even uncomfortable truths. This allows you to look in the mirror, because this is the only way to create growth.

Coaching has different phases:

“Consciousness”: for this phase of the results-oriented problem and self-reflection, there is a “toolkit” of models and interventions, including “Powerful Questions”: through certain questioning techniques and “active listening”, the O Coachee can get different perspectives on their situation and possible solutions.

“Plan”: Based on the knowledge acquired in the awareness phase, specific training objectives are developed and possible approaches are determined on how to measure the achievement of these objectives.

“Choice points”: together, we work on which critical business or management situations would make sense for the coachee to choose between different behavioral options.

“Integration”: this phase ensures that the knowledge acquired is also implemented daily and has the desired effect.

Life coaching

Life Coaching helps people to change their lives to improve. Customers are guided and trained to set smart goals, eliminate roadblocks and be more aware of habits and behaviors. Customers are also accompanied to cultivate self-care and self-development practices. It is a guide for clients to move towards creative and effective positive changes in all areas of life, to reach their full potential in body, mind and soul.