EHS Compliance and Risk Assessment

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Specialists in assessment, designing, and controlling the compliance plan in accordance with local legislation and corporate policies for subsidiaries in Europe and America since 1994.

Why choose we:

  • More than 25 years in the areas of safety and health, environmental protection, fire protection, legal compliance, and ISO management systems.
  • Our founders have been working for more than 15 years in internationally renowned chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Our directors have lived in several countries in America and Europe.
  • We develop projects in North America, South America, and Europe
  • We are familiar with the regulations of each country in which we operate and in some of them, we participate in the drafting of the regulations.
  • Our strategic partnership with – Reynoso de Portugal – gives us the support of specialists in communication, negotiation, mediation, and management of images and public relations.
  • Communication with your company is always carried out through our team of employees in Germany and Portugal, for the directors of the client corporation.

What is our process at a glance?

1.- Compliance audit to the subsidiary to identify the real situation and the areas of concern and opportunity.

2.- Evaluation of audit results and determination of priorities.

3.- Elaboration of a solution plan and a mandatory obligations monitoring plan.

4.- Elaboration of a communication plan for solution priorities, responsibilities, progress reports, corporate philosophy on the subject and goals and objectives to be achieved.

5.- Solution plan guide and tutorial

6.- Follow-up with progress assessment and evidence of compliance.

7.- Preparation of a quarterly report based on the data that our team feeds according to the follow-up visits.

8.- Annual results report.

9.- Monitoring of compliance management every six months

You can choose the program as we recommend or one or more specific points. You can also choose to consult us for a specific aspect. Each company has a specific need, so we are convinced that, for each client, a personalized program must be developed.

Some highlights of our projects:

1.- Alternative Energy: 7 wind farms in the USA are formed by multiple wind energy generators each.

2.- Three wind farms in Mexico were formed by multiple wind energy generators each.

3.- Total compliance program for 8 subsidiaries of a flat sound glass manufacturer.

4.- Total compliance program for 3 subsidiaries of a manufacturer of industrial and automotive hoses.

5.- Audit program and compliance solutions for a holding company with 3 banana farms, 2 shrimp farms, and 1 Mango Fazenda in Ecuador.

6.- Compliance audit for three food factories in Mexico.

7.- Total compliance plan for 3 plants of a cosmetics manufacturer in Mexico and the USA.

8.- Full compliance plan for 3 locations for a US pharmaceutical company.

9.- Audit program and compliance solutions for 14 locations of a US oil and gas company in the Gulf of Mexico region.

10.- Compliance solutions plan and a communication plan for managers and directors for 2 subsidiaries of an Italian corporation in Germany.